Useful information from starting secondary school to university and beyond.

Whatever stage you're at in your education, there are lots of decisions to be made, whether it's choosing a secondary school, selecting your GCSE or A Level subjects or deciding if university would be right for you. And even once you have made your decision it can be quite daunting when the time comes to move on from one stage of your education to the next.

We hope the information in this section will help you at all the different stages from leaving the familiarity of primary school right through to starting university or your first job.

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Starting Secondary School

Moving from primary to secondary school is exciting but it can be a bit scary too. There are lots of useful tips on the Kidscape website

You can also read Bob's guide to Starting Secondary School which is downloadable on the right side of this page.

Choosing GCSE Subjects

"Uni, a degree and a career may seem a long way off when you make your GCSE option choices in Year 9, but your choices are important – because they can directly impact which paths are open to you later down the line". Which has a great guide for university choices.

Choices after GCSE

In England you now have to continue in education or training until you are 18 years old. You don’t have to stay in school and you can start work if you want to. But if you are working you will need to find a way to balance it with study or training. Here are your options:

  1. You can study full time at sixth-form, college, or with a training provider.
  2. You can take up an Apprenticeship, Traineeship or Supported internship.
  3. You can work or volunteerwhile studying or training part-time.

For lots more information about your choices post 16 look here

You can also look at AllAboutSchoolLeavers and AllAboutCareers they are a careers advice service for school leavers, students and graduates, specialising in finance and law.

Do also look at BOB's Work section for links to other useful websites

Choosing A level subjects

So you have decided to stay on at school or college but perhaps you are not sure which subjects to study? Whilst the subjects you choose to study at A level should hopefully be ones that you enjoy it's also very important to think ahead to the next stage - if you are thinking about studying a particular subject at University or you have a clear idea about the type of job you are looking for, do find out about any A levels that may be essential or desirable.

Applying to University

Once you have decided which subject you want to study you will need to compare courses and universities. More decisions! Here are some useful links:

Ucas - Choosing the right Course

The Complete University Guide

Which - University Guide

You will of course also need to write your personal statement - again help is at hand!

Filling in your personal statement

10 things to put in your personal statement

Student Finance

"Don't worry if you're not sure how to pay for uni –there's a range of support, and you don't have to pay back loans until you can afford it." There is a lot more information about all aspects of student finance on the UCAS website and on the Government website

Local School List

The following is a full list of schools in the local area

Local Schools List

Downloadable Guides

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Interview Techniques

Make sure you have the right CV