We are currently compiling information about local volunteering opportunities. If you are a local organisation looking for volunteers please submit details of your opportunities so that we can advertise them here on BOB. Click on view opportunities to see the current list of roles available.

Thinking about Volunteering? Not sure where to start?..........

Things to consider….

  • •What are you interested in?
  • •What are your skills?
  • •What time can you commit to?
  • •Why do you want to volunteer?

There are lots of reasons why people volunteer. Here are some .........

  • •To share a skill or interest with others
  • •To learn new skills
  • •To gain confidence
  • •To feel part of the local community
  • •To meet other people
  • •To help with career decisions
  • •To gain experience for UCAS applications
  • •To give something back
  • •To have fun!!!

Still interested? Want to know more?.................

Soon you will be able to search here on BOB for local volunteering opportunities.

In the meantime here are some links to several useful local and national sites

XchangeBucks - for volunteering opportunities across Buckinghamshire. You can register on the xchangebucks site if you want to volunteer or if you are looking for volunteers.

Slough Volunteer Centre - for volunteering opportunities in Slough.

Do it - this is the national volunteering database

Join In - Join in is a registered charity that helps sports clubs across the UK to attract more supporters and volunteers from their local communities. You can search the site for opportunities in and around Burnham.

International Citizen Service (ICS) - ICS is a volunteering scheme for 18 to 25-year-olds. Backed by the UK government it gives you the chance to work side-by-side with local volunteers in developing countries, to make a meaningful contribution to fighting poverty, and to gain valuable skills that will stay with you long after the 12 week placement is complete.

Online volunteering - Did you know there are now all sorts of opportunities to volunteer online? Whether you have a couple of hours a month to spare or a couple of days, volunteering from home is a flexible way to fit volunteering around other commitments.

Here are two examples of online volunteering opportunities:

UNV Online Volunteering service - This service connects volunteers with organisations working for sustainable human development. Volunteers contribute their skills online to help organisations address development challenges. Organisations collaborate with online volunteers over the internet to strengthen the impact of their development work.

Beat Bullying - BeatBullying works with young people in the UK to stop bullying. Its programme CyberMentors allows young people to support one another online. Volunteers must live in the UK and be aged between 11 and 25. Training days are held throughout the country to equip volunteers with the skills needed to help young people affected by bullying. Senior Cyber Mentors (aged 18-25) also exist to provide help and support to younger CyberMentors.